Meet Our Team

Mallesh Cheekoti – Founder Trustee

Mallesh has over 15+ years of experience in various facets of IT strategic sourcing and development including project and Business Development. Mallesh has worked with large corporations in Europe and America. He has passion working for communities, charities and has been a dedicated volunteer at the Europe’s largest temple in the United Kingdom.

The companionship provided by his wife for over 13 years has transformed him to see things differently and every step and year with her thought him social responsibilities which resulted in taking birth to ACT (Anupama Charitable Trust).

ACT extends its technology platform to other NGOs which directly benefits from the expertise of ACT management and their technology platform.

“ACT requires more volunteers to support its social activities and causes. If you think you can help ACT and the needful, Please email your profile to icanhelp@anupamatrust.org