What is Payroll Giving?

    Payroll giving programme is designed for all types of employers to participate, who would promote and encourage their employees to JOIN the programme to contribute to their preferred NGOs or Appeals available on our website. Once organisation join ACT payroll giving programme, employees can sign up for a small contribution with their payroll department. The donations will be collected by the ACT and passes on their NGOs or under privileged.

    Benefits of Payroll Giving:

  • Small amounts donated collective makes a big impact on under privileged lives
  • Encouraging employees to contribute their part back to society
  • Employers’ business participation and focus towards CSR.
  • ACT takes care of NGOs / Appeal verification, proper utilisation of funds, feedback recording and distribution of funds to NGOs / Appeal
  • ACT provides accountability report to employers where the amount has been spent
  • Impact of Payroll Giving

    Payroll giving enable employees to contribute small amounts, collectively it makes a big impact on social lives.

    Example : Rs. 100 each from 50 employees company - Education for 10 children (minimum)