Our Philosophy

ACT believes that every human should have healthy living, right to good education and work. We directly help and support Children education, Elderly care, health care and community support to transform lives of poor and innocent people.

Approach & Model

As a non-profit organisation we support individuals and NGOs to create Campaigns and promote using dedicated donation website and over ever growing social media platforms to generate donations to specific causes. All our systems are transparent put the principal of accountability to members and donors. All processes are vetted to ensure the causes are genuine and the donations are used for the purpose.


ACT social responsibility to provide support for the needy. Giving away (DANA) is most appreciated ACT for humans which transform the society better place to live. The below are the main objectives of the ACT

  • 1. Encourage charitable activities to many and make the society better place to LIVE
  • 2. Promote (DANA) – Giving Culture
  • 3. Help Other NGOs to generate donations for a specific Causes
  • 4. Transparency and principal accountability to donors and its members